Domestic Violence Defense

Domestic Violence Defense

Jimmy Cha is a criminal defense attorney who helps protect the rights of clients charged with domestic violence. Whether you are in Fullerton or nearby cities.

If you have been arrested and charged for domestic violence. You need an attorney to protect your rights. Remember, you are innocent until proven guilty in the court of law. Often times, people get into trouble in domestic violence cases because they do not remain silent and talk to the police. The police are not there to help you. Remain silent, and invoke your right to an attorney. This way the police cannot use their tactics to trick or confuse you into saying anything incriminating, as this can and will be used against you to demonstrate your guilt.

Domestic violence laws are not only complicated, but can be outright confusing to an average person. That is why you need a domestic violence attorney with experience and understanding on how to navigate through the court system to ensure that everything in court goes well.

DON’T try to go through it alone.  Get the toughest representation and guidance. Contact The Law Office of Jimmy Cha for honest experienced advice on your case.


Domestic Violence can be anything from violent or aggressive behavior. The victim does not need to be a spouse but can also be a partner. However, not all behavior is considered domestic violence. This is why it is important to contact an experienced domestic violence attorney. Jimmy Cha can help walk you through a very difficult situation, and help explain the law, and how it can work to your benefit.


Whether you are here on a green card, student or work visa, a domestic violence conviction can/may also have adverse consequences on your legal status in the United States. As an experienced domestic violence attorney, Jimmy Cha will help explain these consequences, and if possible, get the charges reduced or changed to where there will not be immigration consequences.

Attorney Jimmy Cha has dealt with many domestic violence cases involving non-citizen clients. Many of them have unique situations based on their status here in the United States. Whether your case is in Fullerton, Koreatown, Los Angeles or Orange County, contact Jimmy Cha, a winning domestic violence attorney at The Law Office of Jimmy Cha,.


Often times in domestic violence situations, it is not the spouse/partner that calls the police but someone living in your home or a neighbor. More importantly, if you have been arrested for domestic violence, it is not a person that is suing you but rather the State of California that comes after you for committing an alleged crime.


If you have been arrested for domestic violence, it is important to contact an attorney immediately. As a domestic violence attorney, Jimmy Cha will work on creating a plan of action regarding your case. Remember, what you say is protected under attorney client privilege. This means that anything you say to your attorney is confidential and cannot be shared to someone else. It is during these initial steps that we get as much information pertaining to your case to help establish enough evidence to create enough reasonable doubt to prevent a jury from delivering a guilty conviction. During this time, Attorney Jimmy Cha will also go over the things to do and not to do that can help or harm your case.

There is a vast amount of information pertaining to domestic violence.

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