Often times, good people make bad decisions  and/or choices in life that get them in trouble with the legal system. Whether it’s for something more common such as possession of drugs, DUI, petty theft, vandalism or something more serious like burglary, robbery, domestic violence, possession of drugs with the intent to sell, and even murder, any criminal charge can be quite frightening, leaving most people not knowing what to do.

Considering that most people have never been in trouble, they have no idea where to search so they start by asking their friends, and then look to the internet. Unfortunately, most people do not know a criminal defense lawyer or probate attorney personally, yet alone a good one so they go on the internet. So here is some friendly advice.

Why is the Law Office of Jimmy Cha right for my criminal defense needs?

Jimmy Cha is a solo practicing attorney, who practices solely criminal defense. There are many attorneys out there who do a little bit of everything, i.e. criminal defense, immigration, contracts law, etc. A lot of times this means that they are not completely focused on one area of law. You wouldn’t go to your dentist if your foot hurt would you? Then why would you go to an attorney who practices different areas of law rather than one who just practices criminal defense? Visit this page to find the answer.

Jimmy Cha, has spent his entire career defending people accused of committing a crime. He is one of the few students who graduated law school in Fullerton with a certificate in criminal law studies. He interned for a private criminal defense firm, externed in the the Orange County Public Defenders and Juvenile Defenders Office, and opened up the Law Office of Jimmy Cha in Fullerton immediately upon becoming an attorney. You will find many attorneys who claim that they were a former prosecutor thus know all the tricks of the prosecution office. But ask yourself “do I want someone defending you who for a certain period of time whether it be 1 year or 20 years, put people behind bars because he/she believed that person belonged there?” Do you really want someone with that frame of mind defending you? And if they were that good of a prosecutor, why did they leave?

Unlike many large law firms, you get personal attention with attorney Jimmy Cha. There is no secretary that doesn’t know your case picking up your call. When you call the Law Office of Jimmy Cha, he personally picks up your phone. Attorney Jimmy Cha believes it’s very important to have great communication with his clients. When you are facing criminal charges, the last person you want to speak with when calling your attorney is someone other than your attorney.

And unlike many large law firms, it’s attorney Jimmy Cha, who goes to court for you and not some associated attorney who has little to no experience because they just graduated law school or have no idea what your case is about.

Often times, people ask attorney Jimmy Cha, how long he has been practicing for thinking that the longer the attorney has been practicing means a better attorney, which is not always true. There are many attorneys who have been practicing forever but suck at what they do. Attorney Jimmy Cha, was licensed to practice law in 2008, and have won numerous awards since then.

In the end, it is strongly encouraged that you do some research and speak with a few different attorneys to get a better idea of what type of attorney you want representing you, as not all attorneys will match your personality type. If you cannot trust your attorney, no matter what he/she does short of a dismissal, you will not be satisfied.

Do your research. Google the attorneys name and see what you find.


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Whether you are in Downtown, Fullerton, Koreatown, Los Angeles, contact the Law Office of Jimmy Cha for your criminal defense needs. Your freedom could depend on it.