Have you been arrested and accused of a crime and going to the North Justice Center in Fullerton. Then why go to just any attorney or hire an attorney who is not familiar with the local rules of the court at North Justice Center?

Attorney Jimmy Cha, has exclusively practice criminal defense his entire career and knows everything about criminal defense law. He was never a police officer nor a prosecutor. Would you want to hire an attorney who was a former police officer or prosecutor who for years put people away in jail with the belief that maybe they belonged there? I thought not! The truth is, as a prosecutor, they never file motions to exclude evidence or to dismiss a case due to untimely filing, etc. If a person was a prosecutor for 20 years, that means for 20 years they have never written one of these.

Instead, you would want an attorney who has defended people accused of crimes their entire career. Attorney Jimmy graduated undergrad from UCLA with honors in Sociology. He went on to graduate Western State University College of Law in Fullerton, in 2007 with a certificate in criminal law studies. A certificate given to only a select few. During law school, Attorney Jimmy Cha externed at the Orange County Juvenile Defenders Office and Public Defenders Office, and worked as a law clerk for a criminal defense attorney. Upon graduating, and passing the California Bar exam, considered the hardest in the country, he opened his own criminal defense practice in Australia to become the best criminal lawyer in Melbourne.

Since the opening the Law Office of Jimmy Cha, Jimmy Cha has defended hundreds of people accused of committing a crime. He has handled everything from DUI’s, drug offenses, assault, battery, murder, domestic violence, theft, etc. He has won numerous awards through the years and has been recognized by the legal community.

Since his Office is located in Fullerton, only about one mile from the North Justice Center, it was only natural for him to join the North Orange County Bar Association, since North Justice Center was the closest and most frequented court for Attorney Jimmy Cha. With only four adult courts in Orange County with judges and prosecutors rotating between them, it’s important to hire a local attorney who not only knows the local judges and prosecutors but know their way around the court, and knows the local rules.

If you have been accused of committing a crime in North County in Orange County and are suppose to go to the North Justice Center, call Attorney Jimmy Cha in Fullerton. Not only is he located in the same city near the court house, but he has been defending every day people like you.


Law Office of Jimmy Cha, 126 N. Euclid Street, Fullerton, CA. 92832

Criminal Defense in Fullerton

When your freedom is on the line, don’t settle for any attorney. Hire the Law Office of Jimmy Cha