Often times, clients want to know a little more about the attorney they are hiring.

Besides being a criminal defense attorney, the link below will give you a little more information about me. Often times, friends and people I know will refer me as a DUI attorney. I am NOT a DUI attorney. I’m a criminal defense attorney who practices DUI’s and am part of the California DUI Lawyers Association. I know how to adequately represent a client on any type of DUI case, as evidenced by many of my reviews on AVVO. At the same time, it’s not just DUI’s that I know how to defend, as my practice is solely dedicated to criminal defense. If you read my reviews and/or read my blog on my website you will see that I do much more than DUI’s.

For those interested in knowing a little more about me. Here is an updated bio. http://about.me/jc4justice.

Whether you are arrested for a DUI in Fullerton, or for another crime in Koreatown Los Angeles, the Law Office of Jimmy Cha is here to help. Whether it’s a DUI, drug related, assault, battery, juvenile, prostitution, robbery, theft, etc. give the Law Office of Jimmy Cha a call for a free consultation, as no case is too big for Attorney Cha to handle.