I’m sure most of you already know that there was a “Not Guilty” verdict in the Kelly Thomas killing by Fullerton Police Officers. It’s unfortunate to see anyone, especially people who are sworn to protect the people get away with such a heinous crime. The evidence was there but unfortunately in Orange County people tend to be very conservative. I’ll bet that the results would have been different had this case been heard in Los Angeles County. At the same time, no one is to say that the District Attorney’s Office messed up or did a horrible job. It’s just that the defense side presented great evidence.

The verdict came back pretty quickly. Either the evidence was there for a “Not Guilty” or they were plain too scared to say the Officer was guilty. After all, these are men that are sworn to protect us and patrol our streets everyday.

So where do we go from here? Do we now need to protect ourselves from the very same men and women who have sworn to protect us? Honestly, I think not. It’s unfortunate that it only takes one person to ruin things for many. I know many police officers on a very personal level and can say that they do a great job in protecting us and are great people overall. The outcome of the trial may not have been what most people may have wanted but maybe this will allow police departments to screen their officers better or take officer complaints more serious.

Regardless of the outcome. We are fortunate to be in a society were we have rights to a fair trial. Our justice system is far from perfect but it’s much better than anywhere else!

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