Found an interesting article where South Koreans drink more liquor than anyone else in the world. I don’t know if this is an honor or something that we should be weary of, as it might send the wrong message to our youth. Anyways, here’s the article.

At the same time DUI rates are very low in Korea. Koreans typically do not drink and drive. This may be because taxis are readily available in areas like Seoul. Not to mention that subways open fairly late and open somewhat early. From personal visits to Korea, I’ve personally witnessed people drink early and take the last subway home, drink and take a taxi home, or drink until the subway opens in the morning. Regardless of what a person decides to do, I have witnessed many drunk people lying around the streets, subways, and curbside. They are fortunate that they are in Korea, as in America they would either be robbed, beat up, or arrested.

Courtesy of the Law Office of Jimmy Cha.