Released today, music group Insane Clown Posse (ICP) fans are now considered a gang by FBI according to CNN. 

Typically, a gang can be defined as a group of 3 or more people who’s members engage in criminal activity in order to carry out their criminal objective. Although it may be true that many fans of the Insane Clown Posse may have engaged in criminal activity, I don’t see how the FBI could label ICP fans as a gang. There is no common motive that would benefit ICP fans. If they are a gang, does that mean fans of sport teams should also be called gangs as well? After all, it is well known that many sport fans have committed crimes against rival team fans. How about the military? Many Marine’s have a bulldog tattooed on their bodies, and “Once a Marine, always a Marine.” Marine’s have common tattoos and a slogan that seems to show brotherhood or membership into an elite group. Taking it one step further, should the Los Angeles Police Department be considered a gang as well, as recently we have been hearing about more and more officers being arrested for illegal conduct.

I find it interesting that the government uses the term “gang” so loosely. That is to say that anyone and everyone can pretty much fit under the term gang, and in today’s day and age so many people who are not gang members have gang enhancements added to their charges. I mean, at the rate the government is pointing fingers at people, anyone or group can be considered a gang, even a football team.

Anytime, a person or group that does not identify with the social norm of our society our government bans them and puts a negative label on them. But whenever a person or group is to the benefit of our government, we do not see such labels. At the rate we are going, who is to say the Catholic church is not a gang? After all, they have waged wars against other groups and governments in the past.

The above is the personal view of Attorney Jimmy Cha. At no time is this meant as an attack on the Catholic church, LAPD, Marine’s or any other groups mentioned. Attorney Jimmy Cha respects all religions, and has the utmost respect for our men and women in uniform. At no time is this message intended as an advertisement or a solicitation for clients but rather in hopes that people become more aware of current issues in our community today.