From time to time, I post DUI checkpoints for Los Angeles and Orange County on my Facebook page, Twitter, Linkedin, and Google Plus. These posts go up so people will drink responsibly, and in hopes that they will see a checkpoint around their area and 1). NOT drive or 2). take a taxi or 3). have a friend who hasn’t been drinking drive.

At NO time are these posts meant for people to use as a way to avoid police and certain roads. What a person must remember is that more people are arrested by being pulled over than by DUI checkpoints. Often times, agencies will use saturation patrols, which involves law enforcement agencies to deploy more police officers on the roadway during certain times to apprehend drunk drivers. This is more efficient in that it allows police officers to target areas where DUI accidents and offenses are more prominent. It also allows officers to be present in multiple areas at one time, maximizing their efforts to catch drunk drivers.

Often times, I have had cases were a person has had 4-7 drinks, and thought to themselves “I don’t feel anything so I should be able to drive.” The problem with this logic is that even though you think you don’t feel anything, your coordination and ability to drive has already diminished. Not to mention that there is a very good possibility that your BAC is over the legal limit.

Driving Under the Influence is a very serious offense. A first offense has serious consequences that can include probation, fees and fines, DUI classes, license suspension, installation of an (IID) Ignition Interlock Device (depending on the county you live in), community service, and even jail time. More important than being arrested for Driving Under the Influence, the potential to kill someone else on the road is exponential. To drink and drive is not worth a human life.

Please drink responsibly, especially over the holidays where people are spending time with their loved ones. Just imagine how it must feel next year if one of your loved ones doesn’t make it to your holiday party because they were killed by someone who drank and drove. You may think that it wont happen to you but I’m sure there are plenty of people in prison right now who thought the same thing.

This has been a message from the Law Office of Jimmy Cha for people to drink responsibly. At NO time does Attorney Jimmy Cha condone drinking and driving, as it is not only illegal but it puts other people’s lives in danger. At no time is this message intended as an advertisement or a solicitation for clients BUT rather in hopes that people will drink responsibly over this holiday season so they may be able to spend it with their loved ones this year and many years to come.