I strongly recommend Jimmy Cha. After a bad experience with a previous lawyer on my first DUI, I was very hesitant looking for a capable lawyer when I got a second DUI while still on probation from my first. I knew I was looking at jail time and I was a complete wreck. Through word of mouth, I thankfully found Attorney Jimmy Cha. I was happily surprised he called me back within minutes although it was very late. When I met with him for a free consultation, I knew within minutes that Jimmy Cha was the right choice. He was very professional and organized and explained the process efficiently, leaving no questions unanswered. He guided me through steps to help with my case and helped me calm my nerves. He asked me to trust him and I did.   I was looking at 120 days jail and he got it lowered to 22 days of work release.!!   Unlike my first lawyer, Jimmy Cha always answered his phone and answered my questions, he always knew who I was and he knew my case inside out. This might seem like a small matter but when you have an absent lawyer who can”t even remember your name, you”re in trouble. The process is long and unnerving but having an attorney who knows what he is doing and you know and trust will work to the best of his abilities makes the difference.