On Friday, a female teacher in Fullerton was arrested for suspicion of illegal sexual behavior with two students. The teacher, Melissa Lindgren, is currently out on a $100,000 bond and is facing multiple felony charges. She is expected to appear at North Justice Center in Fullerton on April 9. It will be interesting to see which Fullerton Criminal Defense Attorney she hires to represent her. For more information on this please click here.

I know that many of you who read my blogs have children who attend school in Fullerton. It is unfortunate that teachers who are in a position of trust take advantage of students who are still maturing mentally and physically. Many of these mental scars could last a lifetime. My goal is to get this information out to the local community in hopes that people with children know what is going on locally in their community. If you have any friends who have children in Fullerton, please forward this blog post to them. Thank you.

From the Law Office of Jimmy Cha.