Successful Felony Expungement and Granted Certificate of Rehabilitation. I contacted Attorney Jimmy Cha with the hopes that he would be able to guide me through the felony expungement and Certificate of Rehabilitation process. I had consulted several attorneys before him, all who had quoted exorbitant costs, especially because my record consisted of multiple felony cases with violations. Jimmy charged me an extremely reasonable fee, and always made sure I clearly understood each step of the process. He was precise and thorough, and always arrived early at every court date, even before I did. The amount of time and paperwork he had to put together to ensure I would have the best chance at a favorable outcome was considerable, and his effort was easily apparent. I was granted both the expungements and the Certificate of Rehabilitation, and I have Jimmy to thank. He really made a stressful, intimidating process smooth and uncomplicated.

In truth, the criminal defense lawyers almost never really knows whether the defendant is guilty of a charged crime. Just because the defendant says he did it doesn’t make it so. … Instead, the lawyer uses the facts to put on the best defense possible and leaves the question of guilt to the judge or jury. When it comes to evidence and witness statements, a criminal defense lawyer is better able to procure the necessary evidence and statements in order to help build your case. Witnesses may fear for their safety if speaking openly, but discussions with a criminal defense lawyer can help alleviate their fears in order to provide the testimony necessary to help clear your case.