According to The Seattle Times, the State Bar of California recently proposed lowering it’s Bar passage rate for the most recent exam, stating that the exam scores were too low. One of the reasons they state that there may be a lower passage rate over the years is that less students are applying for law school and thus less qualified individuals apply for law school.


Maybe it has nothing to do with the fact that less qualified people are applying for law school but rather more people feel entitled to becoming a lawyer and do not study their butts off. They already changed the California Bar Exam from 3 days to 2 days. What else less do they want in an attorney.

If less qualified people are getting into law school, do you really want them representing you in a criminal matter in a place like North Justice Center in Fullerton or at the Criminal Courts Building (CCB) in Downtown Los Angeles? Imagine, what this would do to client representation. Having a person who is not so qualified representing you on your case.

People already complain and make jokes about inadequate attorneys. What will dropping the passing score do for the profession? Nothing!

Rather than blaming it on a system that all practicing attorney’s have already passed, why not blame the schools for inadequately preparing students to become good lawyers? Lowering the Bar passage rate will not help the profession.


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