Guest speaker in front of 400 + judges, attorneys, etc.

Beyond the Bench 23: User Experience—a multidisciplinary statewide conference devoted to children, youth, and families in the California court system—will be held the first week in December at the Marriott Hotel in Anaheim. It will bring together over 1,400 participants—including judges, local, state, and tribal court leaders, attorneys, probation officers, social workers, court users, researchers, policy makers, and other juvenile justice and family-related professionals from across California. Sessions will address core legal issues and related social issues pertaining to juvenile and family law, domestic violence, collaborative courts, tribal court-state court jurisdiction, veterans and military families, incarceration and reentry, mental health, education, human trafficking, trauma-informed practice, community engagement, and racial justice. Emphasizing hope, humanity, and healthy families, the conference will focus on meaningful user-focused physical, remote, and equal access to the justice system for those involved—voluntarily or involuntarily—with the court system.

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