Do Not Trust Lawyers?

Here’s a recent study that shows that the general public does not trust/like lawyers. As to warmth, they are down there with prostitutes. Interesting! Scientific Study Concludes No One Trusts Lawyers Law Office of Jimmy...

“Yes Means Yes” – Sexual Assault

California will be the first state in the country to define when “yes means yes” when investigating sexual assault reports on colleges. Law Office of Jimmy Cha

Fullerton Police Officers to Wear Body Cameras

Fullerton City Council unanimously approved the $650,354 purchase of 140 cameras. This could mean that Fullerton police officers may wear cameras on their bodies as early as November. Law Office...

Secret McChicken and the Herpes virus

Read the article and find out just what was inside this woman’s McChicken sandwich and how she caught the herpes virus. Law Office ofJimmy Cha